My doula philosophy is to provide nonjudgmental, loving support. Birth can be an incredibly transformational and meaningful life experience, When we give birth in a safe, positive, loving atmosphere, birth can be a very healing experience. When we seek positive birth experiences, we create room for deeper family bonding, secure attachments, and build a foundation for healthy relationships that can last a lifetime. Healing of our families, our communities, and the earth, starts with birth. It is a joy and an honor to be able to meet my clients wherever they are on their life journey, and to be able to walk with them part of the way.

I'm ivy



Jeanene B.

"I really felt like Ivy was an integral part of my labor and birth experience. Offering words of encouragement and advice without being disingenuous or pushy. I am truly grateful to have been one of her clients and should I get pregnant again, I will no doubt be contacting her for my next journey." 

"ivy was an integral part of my labor" 

Megan K.

"It was such a blessing to have Ivy as a part of my labor and delivery. She is very informed and supportive. During my labor she was a great advocate for me and provided me with encouragement and comfort. I highly recommend choosing her as a part of your team!" 

"She is very informed and supportive"

Angee H.

"Ivy was so attentive and supportive with all my special requests. She came to my house several times to bring food/make food, draw a bath, help with herbal teas, fold laundry, and so much more. She went above and beyond to help me restore my and nourish my body. I experience the BEST postpartum period because of her loving spirit and sweet energy. I HIGHLY recommend her services."

 "I HIGHLY recommend her services"

Sam H.

Ivy's personal experiences and professional knowledge was very helpful and comforting. Ivy made herself available during my pregnancy and met me at the hospital for labor and delivery. She did not push her beliefs, instead provided all options and helped give me confidence in the decisions I planned as well as prepare for advocating my needs during birth. Her support helped me be confident in my decisions and I was able to successfully have the birth experience that I desired! (contrary to my first experience)." 

"Her support helped me be confident"

Bringing home your new baby can be a mix of big feelings and changes. Doulas help to smooth the transition. We offer emotional support and can help you learn to feed and care for your new baby.

Doulas provide encouragement and reassurance during the transitional time between conception and postpartum. You have questions and we have resources and knowledge to help you make informed decisions.

Doulas are non-medical members of your birth team! We provide physical, emotional, and informational support. We are ready to share our knowledge when you have questions. We're there to hold, comfort, and nourish your body during labor. We are the gentle voice reminding you of your strength. We are support for your birthing partner as well. We are there to fill in the gaps and provide one-on-one care during your pregnancy, birth and beyond.

So what's a doula?