• Two prenatal visits and one postpartum visit
  • On call for your birth beginning at 38 weeks
  • One postpartum home visit and continued support after the birth
  • Access to The Childbirth Circle's Lending Library

Personalized, continuous care for you during your pregnancy, birth, and beyond. Your doula will help you create a birth plan, provide resources and childbirth education, assist you in preparing for birth, support you during labor, and provide continued care as needed after the birth.

Childbirth Support


  • Infant care and feeding support
  • Light meal preparation 
  • Designated light house work
  • Supporting parents to rest and care for themselves

In-home care for you, your family, and your home while your family adjusts to a new normal. A postpartum doula takes the pressure off you and your partner by filling in the gaps so you can relax and bond with your baby.

plan your restoration


  • Placenta encapsulation done in your home
  • Capsules and tinctures to nourish your postpartum body for weeks
  • Placenta prints and keepsakes

Placenta consumption is an increasingly popular practice. Mothers who have taken placenta capsules report improvements in milk supply, postpartum mood, energy levels, and more!*

Encapsulation and more


*Jodi Selander , Allison Cantor , Sharon M. Young & Daniel C. Benyshek (2013): Human Maternal Placentophagy: A Survey of Self-Reported Motivations and Experiences Associated with Placenta Consumption, Ecology of Food and Nutrition, 52:2, 93-115

I am happy to serve my clients in their preferred birthing location whether that is at the hospital or at home.

Do you only attend hospital births?

I proudly serve families of all colors, beliefs, genders, abilities, lifestyles, shapes, sizes, and family compositions. I understand the racial, gender, and socioeconomic disparities that exist in the medical system. I believe at my core that everyone deserves safe & respectful care, and I'm committed to helping all of my clients achieve this.

Do you have a preference on the types of families you serve?

I am a big believer in doula advocacy. My goal is never to speak on behalf of my client or make decisions for them, but to remember their wishes and help amplify their voice if their experience starts to deviate from their plans.

Are doulas advocates?

Doulas are strictly non-medical. We do not perform clinical tasks like checking your blood pressure, cervix, or fetal heart rate. We don't catch babies either! Doulas are not a substitute for a midwife, but we are a great addition to the birth team!

What's the difference between a doula and a midwife?

Questions & Answers

Not at all! While many people who hire a doula are hoping to give birth with minimal interventions, I wholeheartedly support all of my clients' decisions. My biggest goal is to help you have a positive, family-centered birth experience. I support all types of births, including planned cesareans. 

Are doulas only for "natural" births?

Yes! I am based in Kearney, but I'm able to travel anywhere in the state. Mileage fees may apply, so be sure to reach out for more information.

Do you travel?

Please reach out anyway! Occasionally I am able to provide services to low-income families at a reduced rate. I also offer payment plans to help decrease financial strain.

What if I really want a doula but it's just not in my budget?

It probably feels like having some dorky girl following you around, offering gentle encouragement and ensuring you drink water constantly. Just kidding! Having me as a doula means you'll have someone to hear you and offer love and care for your specific needs. Just call me your Birth Bestie!

What is it like having you as a doula?